The Personal Health Code calculates precise recommendations on what, when and how to eat, and which type of exercises, when and how often to do them tailored to each individual, cross correlated with their natural biotype potential and training goals to give guaranteed results. Nothing is more accurate and nothing else in the marketplace is suitable for EVERY body. Regular updates allow the program to be personalised every time. Members update as often as they like, and access as often as they want.



Eat your way healthy.



Find the natural way you move.



Get and stay motivated.

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Unlock When, How and What to eat for your specific body to achieve your health and fitness goals with ShaeFit™. Discover the foods that will give the most energy, the best recovery, and the results you’re looking for, have your meals planned for you and update everything as your body morphs into your ideal natural shape!


ShaeFit™ gives you a detailed list of the foods that will get your body in best shape now complete with why you should or shouldn’t eat them, all specific to you.

Then, your app will take those foods and match to recipes to create a meal planner for your day, week or fortnight so you don’t have to worry about what’s on the menu.

Having a night out? Simply check in with ShaeFit™ to see which menu item has the most benefit for you to achieve your goals right now.

The time of day, how much you should eat and how it should be prepared varies depending on who you are – ShaeFit™ takes it all into account with your meals planned including timing, portion sizes and recipes to keep you on track at all times.


Why follow someone else’s diet when you can EAT the foods tailored specifically to your Biotype and get the results you want!



When working-out suits your natural body, it turns to play! Play with a range of exercises that are chosen specifically for your biotype and your goals. Always know what , why and how to do your exercises at the gym with ShaeFit™ in your pocket.


Your body is built with a structure that is perfectly suited to certain types of exercise and not suited
to others. The exercise that comes naturally for one person can cause injury and stress to another. ShaeFit™chooses the right exercise for you, according to your level of experience, current fitness level and your goals.

No more worrying about what to do at the gym. With one tap, ShaeFit™ designs and presents a workout that is perfectly suited to you, complete with instructions, reps, sets, timing, routines and duration. Save your favorites or let ShaeFit™ switch it up for you to get maximum results every time you workout. ShaeFit™ changes your workout as you progress towards your goals, and as your body, stress levels and lifestyle changes so you can reveal and keep your ideal natural body.

If you’re a fitness pro, you can even take ShaeFit™ recommendations and create your own workout to suit your training regime, knowing that your health is taken care of as well as your results. Design the perfect workout for you today – and then design the perfect workout for you tomorrow – with just one tap.

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See your body Morph in front of your eyes, keep tabs on your BMI, BFI, Healthy Habits Index, Weight and Water levels, track your food and your fitness at a glance and a whole lot more..!


Plan your day, week and even your month. Know what you’ll eat, how you’ll play and slide it nicely into your lifestyle to make sure you achieve your wellness goals!

Keep your tailored health plan in your pocket! With ShaeFit™ online software, you have one touch access to your Personal Health Code. This is exactly what you need to reveal your ideal natural body shape and to get and stay healthy. At the supermarket, at the restaurant, at the Health Club, never be at a loss for information specific to your body.


Track your results from your BMI to your Healthy Habits Index, your weight to your water content. View your journal pins and watch your body Morph into your goals


ShaeFit™ knows your body inside out – every to the way your brain works!

ShaeFit™ talks to you in YOUR language, giving you motivational help to stay engaged, accountable and achieving your goals, and even suggests rewards that will really work for you – from massage to time with friends, delicious treats to higher goals. Your rewards, communication and motivations are tailored to your body right now so you can witness fantastic results first hand.


All you need is a browser.

Login from any browser on your desktop or download the SHAEFIT app onto your device.

Share your lifestyle insights

Your Trainers can assist your clients with these questions about current lifestyle, health history and features. It’s important to answer as honestly as possible – even about those grey hairs.. The ShaeFit™ algorithm isn’t designed to judge your clients, it’s here to help.

Grab a soft tape measure

Your Trainers can walk clients through this part of the assessment or – it is simple enough to DIY. ShaeFit™ asks to measure various parts of the body that are crucial in identifying the unique gene expression of your clients.

Check your results!

In less than 1 minute, over 10,000 data points are analyzed from those answers given in the questionnaire! This gives you highly specific, tailored health information uniquely generated for each client.

Let’s Get Started!


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Enjoy maximum results with minimal effort.


Your questions answered..

ShaeFit™ is completely personalised and scientific yet extremely simple and easy to use. It simply requires a 30 minute initial setup and 15 minutes to update whenever desired.

The 30 minute assessment you can do yourself at home calculates your genetic expression from scientific measurements of your body, your family history and genetic traits like the colour of your eyes and texture of your hair.

Once the calculation is complete, you have immediate access to workouts, meal planning and motivational strategies that are all tailored specifically for you.

When something as revolutionary as ShaeFit™ comes along, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. Read the following FAQs for a brief rundown on the basics of Personalised Health with ShaeFit™.

Personalised Health means tailoring your health care regime specifically to you: YOUR genes, YOUR lifestyle, the way YOU think, move and eat. It’s the opposite of Generic health – you know the one- size-fits-all approach. We’re also constantly changing: growing new cells, thinking new thoughts, adapting to new environments. So our own health care can’t possibly be exactly the same from day to day. To be in optimal health, your diet and lifestyle recommendations must be calculated every day. This is what ShaeFit™ does for you.

Just like any health change, it is always important to consult your doctor before your participate if you have a health condition. Within the ph360 health professionals network, we have all the expertise required to manage all conditions. If you want to know about your particular condition and considerations for it, please talk to your trainer who can put you in touch with the best practitioners to ensure that everything you are doing is safe.

To access the recipes on ph360, you can access them through your “Food” link at the top of your screen. “Recipes” can be found at the bottom of the Food panel links. The recipes can also be accessed in your Food List as well.

The ph360 platform is currently expanding their recipes – if you would like to submit a recipe, please email us at

Your Food list will update each time you update your measurements in the ph360 online questionnaire. Sometimes these changes are subtle, other times they can be quite dramatic. They will alter by the amount needed for you to be in your best health right at this moment.

For those who love a PT, ShaeFit™ is an exceptional tool to use in conjunction with a Personal Trainer. With scientific, unbiased and personalized protocols and a Personal Trainer for support, technique correction and real life motivation, your members will revel in their new state of health and fitness.

As a club owner or manager all you need do is give your members a link to where they can get started! That’s it. Everything else is done by us. You have total control over the amount of members that you offer ShaeFit™. No extra work for you but a huge value add to your members, their results and your bottom line.

Things that you have access to every day – like the foods you eat, the activity you do, the environment around you, how you think and who you talk to. These factors ALL have the potential to activate your genes, in fact they’re called your Epigenetic factors – the factors outside of your genes that can turn them on or off.

Fifteen different sciences, five hundred ratios and ten thousand data points are used to create your SHAEFIT results.

Little known sciences like Anthropometry and Phenotypology, traditional medicines like TCM and Ayurveda and modern sciences like Molecular Biology and Embryology all come together in a symbiotic process that results in your Personal Health Code – the key to naturally maintaining your body and health.

SHAEFIT give you the keys to feeling better, with more energy, relief from aches and pains, clearer mental function, happier, more focused and engaged in life, better relationships and enjoying family more. All of this comes from you feeling your best, feeling fabulous, healthy, happy, vital and alive. When you feel like this everything else works better. Imagine a world like that.