30 Day Fit your Genes Challenge

ShaeFit™ is the world’s first gym based epigenetics (genetics+lifestyle factors) platform aimed at providing specific exercise, nutrition and mindset recommendations based on your unique biotype and fitness goals.


All you need to know..

We are all different, and as a result will need completely different things to ensure your best health! The 30 Day Fit Your Genes Challenge is a way for you and your trainer to completely understand your body! Through insight into your genetic makeup and applied knowledge in creating the optimal environment to switch your good genes on and your bad genes off. The 30-Day FYG Challenge will provide you with the most personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program to ensure you achieve your best results yet!

You are participating in this 30 Day FYG Challenge because you are being given an opportunity to access the world’s first epigenetic (genetics + lifestyle) health calculator that delivers individualised health information tailored specifically to YOU.

Your club and trainers want to provide you with the best possible answer to your health and fitness goals by giving you the opportunity to learn what makes you and your body healthy at a genetic level.

It is about getting to know yourself, discovering how unique you are, and what works for you, from the right foods, to the type of exercise you should be doing, the time of day you should be doing it and what is best to keep your mind on track and motivated!

For the next 30-days you will work alongside your personal trainer and the team at ph360 to gain insight into the specific needs of your body. Through access to the ph360 platform you will gain access to personalised health insights unlike anything you have seen before, and most importantly, know how to apply the information in a way that works best for you.

Start of challenge:

  • Initial measurement and genetic assessment with your personal trainer
  • Shoot a short 3 minute before-video and take your before-photo
  • Watch the Challenge intro webinar
  • Download the shae app here for apple and here for android

During Challenge:

  • Make a full-on commitment to your own health for 30 Days by following the insights on your ph360 profile and SHAE app
  • Work alongside your personal trainer participating in an exercise program specifically designed for your biotype
  • Attend live group coaching sessions weekly with ph360 gurus Dr.Cam and Kyle for your specific Q & A about your information and your experiences (recordings will be provided on the challenge facebook page)
  • Watch weekly videos from Dr.Cam and Kyle to provide deeper insights and awareness of your specific genetics

End of Challenge:

  • Re-measure and update your app
  • Shoot a short 3 min after-video and take your after-photo
  • Continue to follow your new lifestyle program and carry on using ph360 insights with your trainer!


All you need is a browser.

Login from any browser on your desktop or download the SHAE app onto your device from Apple or Google app stores.

Grab a soft tape measure

Your personal trainer can take you through this part of the assessment. ph360 will ask you to measure various parts of your body that are crucial in identifying your unique gene expression.

Share your lifestyle insights

Your PT will assist you with these questions, answer as honestly as possible. Our algorithm isn’t designed to judge you, it’s here to help you.

Check your results!

In less than 1 minute, over 10,000 data points will be analyzed from your questions! Giving you highly specific, tailored health information generated just for you.

Let’s Get Started!


Register for the challenge by entering your email here


Join the Facebook group “Fitness First 30-Day Personal Challenge’ to make sure you see all the weekly videos


Take your BEFORE photo and video!

Take a BEFORE picture and shoot your short 2-3 min BEFORE video as soon as possible. Click here to see the questions to answer on your video. Submit your BEFORE photo and video HERE

On the last weekend of the Challenge, take your AFTER picture and shoot your short 2-3 min AFTER video. Click here to see the questions to answer on your video. Submit your AFTER photo and video HERE


Track data to benchmark success!

Watch your email inbox (and potentially your Junk folder, too) for a link to your own personal Google Drive folder that will feature a personalized Health Data Tracking Sheet in it.

It’s strongly recommended you put a reminder in your calendar once a day for the next 30 Days to take 2mins and fill in your Data Tracking sheet.

This is a very important step to watch your results improve over time – believe us, it’s a powerful experience!

It’s not just a challenge..
The health of the whole world starts with you knowing what is right for your body to be happy and healthy – so you can perform to your full potential.

One healthy body affects a family, one family a community, one community a city and eventually, our whole world rallies in health and happiness.
But it all starts with you.


Your questions answered..

The short answer is, No. Ph360 is very different to any “Type” concept. It considers many many more variables that affect the way your body functions in real-time. A “Type” concept assumes that your constitution remains the same regardless of your circumstances. But it is now a commonly accepted fact that our environment has a large effect on your gene expression and body function, as does your age, as does your gender, as does your family history, etc. So ph360 considers your “Type” as just one of many factors that it calculates in order to provide you with accurate health information based on your current circumstances.

There are 4 blood types (according to Dr. D’Adamo’s “Blood Type Diet” science). That means these diets either place the whole world population into 4 categories. PH360 does not place anyone into any category and personalizes everything with thousands of layers because we are all unique and not able to be grouped into such simple categories. The principles behind the genotype and blood type diets aren’t wrong, just like Ayurvedic types (kapha, vata, pitta). The genotype and the Ayurvedic type are all puzzle pieces we use in layers to create the unique diet that best fits you.

Here’s an example:


Kale, in this site, is identified as beneficial for everyone. However, if you have a risk of a lower functioning thyroid, kale must be avoided. And if you have a risk of kidney or gall stones, then kale must also be avoided. And if you have diverticulitis and some other inflammatory conditions of the digestive system, that kale is best to be reduced or juiced.

Within the ph360 concept, the three somatotypes sit on a spectrum of Ectomorph>>Mesomorph>>Endomorph. A person will sit somewhere along this spectrum and can be classified as a pure Ecto, Ecto-Meso, Pure Meso, Meso-Endo, Pure Endo or Endo-Ecto based upon where they sit on this wheel. Where they sit will be determined by their skeletal measurements in the ph360 assessment.

Your trainer will have information on the exact place you sit on the wheel, it’s not just 6 options, there are actually 360 options – and this is only the skeletal structures, there are 14 other layers after this meaning that even if you have the same number on the wheel, you will still have differences in the elements that are best for you.

To access the recipes on ph360, you can access them through your “Food” link at the top of your screen. “Recipes” can be found at the bottom of the Food panel links. The recipes can also be accessed in your Food List as well.

The ph360 platform is currently expanding their recipes – if you would like to submit a recipe, please email us at support@ph360.me.

Your Food list will update each time you update your measurements in the ph360 online questionnaire. Sometimes these changes are subtle, other times they can be quite dramatic. They will alter by the amount needed for you to be in your best health right at this moment.

As well as access to the world’s most advanced personalised health platform, the team at ph360 have put together a specific series of recorded sessions on various topics to help you to understand the type of lifestyle and environment needed for your body to live through its genetic strengths and get the best results. With this new found knowledge it can sometimes be difficult to initiate the changes you want to and stick to them long-term, this is why we have also included weekly live sessions on all things behaviours, mindset and overcoming barriers to help you follow your new lifestyle with ease!

Remember, during this challenge you will be working directly with your ph360 trained exercise professional who will provide you with the knowledge and support and personalised exercise program, tailored to your genetic needs to ensure your success along the way.

Look out for an email (and be sure to check your junk mail) for links to the weekly videos. Make sure you have signed up to the 30-day fit your genes challenge Facebook group through your trainer for all the relevant updates throughout the month and to access any LIVE sessions you may have missed

Check out the Facebook group for all the weekly recordings. Make sure you do your best to be online with us to get your live questions answered. Or post your questions on the Facebook group/with your trainer.

Using any digital device with a camera (phone, tablet, desktop), simply take a photo and record a short video answering the questions found here.

From your device, upload the video and/or photo files into the Fitness First Challenge folder

Upload your video here!.

You will be emailed a link to your personal Google Drive folder. Your ShaeFit Data Tracking sheet will be there for you to track your results. The best way to manage this on the go is to download the Google Sheets App. This allows convenient access to your data for easy input!

When you log into your ph360 profile, the banner at the top of the page will take you to the Shae information page. You can also search the Apple App Store and Google Play directly.

They are 2 parts of the same thing! ph360 is the web platform and the engine of your personalised health information. Shae is the interactive app that uses the engine information to provide you with user friendly guidance on your mobile device. You can view your information through the ph360 website, or through the Shae app – both are the same info!

Just like any health change, it is always important to consult your doctor before your participate if you have a health condition. Within the ph360 health professionals network, we have all the expertise required to manage all conditions. If you want to know about your particular condition and considerations for it, please talk to your trainer who can put you in touch with the best practitioners to ensure that everything you are doing is safe.